Cal Chautauqua has a dual fee structure. The Application fee, $75 is to provide the funds to keep the Cal Field Center functioning. The variable Course fees are the funds needed to put on a particular courses. The exact amount depends on the needs of the particular course. We will try to keep both of these fees at a minimun. Thanks for understanding.

Please, just a moment before you fill in your application.  Once you submit your application, you will be immediately notified that we have received it.  A few days later you will get a confirmation email that you have been initially enrolled in your course.

Then you must send in your $75 Application Fee to finish the enrollment process. Make sure you put your name and the course number on your check. You will also have to send us the Course fee before the course begins. Send checks, made out to "Chautauqua", to Mrs. Kim Barras, Dept. of Education, CSUDH, 1000 E. Victoria St., Carson, CA, 90747. If you wish to pay using a credit card or other means please contact Kim.

We will decide if a course will not be held (due to low enrollment, etc.) six weeks before the course date, and your Application Fee will be refunded.

We really need the money this year because of our tight budget. Thank you for understanding.

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